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This is a simple example implementation of mx-puppet-bridge. It is meant to give those who want to write their own protocol implementation a starting point.

Once a DM room with a ghost is created the ghost will simply echo back everything written.


git pull https://github.com/Sorunome/mx-puppet-echo
npm install
npm run build

Next copy the sample.config.yaml to config.yaml, edit it and then run npm run start -- -r to generate a registration file. Register that one with synapse and start the bridge with npm run start.


First you create a room with the bridge bot (@_echopuppet_bot:YOURSERVER.COM). Next you type link <name>, e.g. link test. It will say that a puppet with a certain ID was created.

Now you can invite ghosts into a 1:1 room: Their ID are @_echopuppet_$puppetId_$ghostname:YOURSERVER.COM, e.g. @_echopuppet_1_ghost:YOURSERVER.COM.
If set up correctly the ghost should auto-join and echo back everything you write to it.